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Bitterroot Pet Palace I opened the Bitterroot Pet Palace in February of 1998. My goal was to build a kennel that was clean, safe and a place we would love to take our own pets and bring them back again and again. The kennel was built with extra large kennels […]

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Bitterroot Valley Retriever Club HRC Hunt Test When: June 3rd – 4th, 2017 Where: BVRC Training Grounds Featherhorn Ranch – Florence, MT There will be an upland hunt on Saturday. Register Here: Bitterroot Valley Retriever Club hosts licensed HRC Hunt Tests each year. BBQ will be held Saturday after […]

“I want for you to enjoy your well mannered house dog
as well as your well trained hunting dog.” – Randy

Nevin and Taz
My Dog Named Taz

My dog named Taz is my best friend
she is loyal she is strong
she is my best friend
she goes and gets the fallen ducks and flushes up the grouse
she is my best friend
she sleeps with me at night and always happily greets me at the door when I come home
she is my best friend
even though she whines while hunting and usually won’t heal
she is still my best friend
even though she goes insane every morning and night to eat
she is still my best friend
even though she sometimes gets in the way and sometimes doesn’t listen
she is still my best friend
and even though we sometimes have to wade into the water to get the goose she won’t retrieve
she is gentle and loving with a passion for fun and she will always be my best friend

By Nevin Griber

Daved Graff Trigger 3I have purchased two Black Labs from Randy and have had two exceptional dogs. My second dog “Trigger” is now 9 years old. He has had no formal training but out preforms any other dog in my hunt club. Trigger has the ability to be the family and farm dog on a daily basis, but put him in a duck blind and he flips a switch and is all business. I have been asked on several occasions by other hunters to “HELP” them find a downed duck that their dog can’t. He finds the birds that are under the water and under the grass. Every morning Trigger will trot around the entire fence line of our property to just check it out and make sure it is safe for our two Jack Russell’s. Any Lab that can put up with two Jack’s is worth his weight in gold. I am getting ready to buy another puppy and am definitely going to buy it from Randy.
Dave Graff

Daved Graff Trigger 4Daved Graff Trigger 8Daved Graff Trigger 2Daved Graff Trigger 11Daved Graff Trigger 1Daved Graff Trigger 10

I want to thank you for the great service throughout, from when we initially talked to you in March until we Picked up “Grizz” at the end of July.  This was one of the easiest arrangements and transactions. You were very fair with us when we did not get the pup from Sage and Smoke in May. You gave us first pick of males on the Sara and Skatch litter. You were very patient with us as we lived so far away and you had a line of folks waiting for us to pick. Thanks. As for Grizz he has exceeded our expectations. We picked him up on July 31st. and got him home late that day. He traveled very well, it was a 10 hour drive (with breaks) and not a whimper or an accident. We got him home and right out of the box he was fetching. We weighed him yesterday he is 12lbs, lean and adapted to us very easily. He prefers outside unless its raining. SO I guess he will be an inside dog over here in Western Washington during the winter. Anyway just wanted to thank you for the great experience and give you an update. PS gave him his worm pill today that you provided.  Thanks again, I will recommend you to anyone looking for a great dog and good customer service!

Gary and Gretchen.

Wendy and Bodie

It was nice talking to you last night! I appreciate the puppy follow up call. We are thrilled with our boy, Bodie. He is (of course) the smartest puppy ever.  He is starting to ask to go outside to go potty, he is retrieving his red bear, and is sitting on command. All of this after less that a week!  He is very well socialized with both people and dogs, and we are so excited to see what kind of a bird dog he will be!


Edie and Bill DagleyWe have a new puppy from Randy at Labs R It and couldn’t be happier. From the beginning of the process, Randy was straight-forward, and easy to deal with. This summer when the pups were brand new, he let us come visit at his home, even though he had a lot going on! He helped us every step of the way, from picking the pup out, to training, socializing, what to feed her, …. and she is a wonderful dog. Smart, social, eager to please, athletic, everything we wanted in a dog. We are thrilled with Josie and would recommend Randy and his operation for breeding and training to anyone.

Edie and Bill Dagley


Russel SpikaRandy,
Last Saturday on December 19th. I went hunting in Lewistown. I purchased this wonderful dog from you in 2014.  He was born the end of May 2014. He had his first retrieve at 50 yards on a sharptail at 5 months old.  I hunted him last year with similar results and here he is at one and a half doing a stellar retrieving job.  By the way he also brought me a live rooster from some brush and no one fired a shot this same day.
He loves to watch football and hunt birds. Keep up the great work.
Russ Spika
Lewistown, Mt

Labs-R-It Labrador Retriever Breeding and Training Taz on Dec Shoot

Labs-R-It Labrador Retriever Breeding and Training Taz on Watch

This was the last shoot of Taz’s first season. It was a great year for ducks and Taz retrieved over 300 ducks in this her 1st year. We had a great time together.  Taz is a puppy bred and raised by Randy Huenergardt owner of Labs-R-It in Florence Montana.

I bought a puppy for my son 7 years ago. Ruby turned out to be a great dog and since then I have referred close to a dozen friends, looking for a lab puppy, to Randy. All have had great experiences.  Some have turned out to be world class. Steve E. with Hank, Frank G. with Koda and Aggie, and Paul E. with Boone. 

A dedicated breeder with a commitment to excellent.  A gifted trainer with patience and incredible timing. If you are looking for a puppy or a trainer to help with your future hunting partner, give Randy a call. — Don T.

“I am most pleased with my pup and how he has progressed under Randy’s training program. He does and excellent job and I would recommend Labs-R-It and Bitterroot Pet Palace to you.”  — Greg Beach

“I have trained two retrievers under Randy’s guidance and direction for 8 years and continue to find him to be a most capable professional trainer, handler, and Labrador breeder.” — Jim Hathaway

Labs-R-It Labrador Retriever Breeding and Training Duffy and Jim on blind retrieve Labs-R-It Labrador Retriever Breeding and Training Duffy land retrieve with duck Labs-R-It Labrador Retriever Breeding and Training Jim Hathaway and Pete TrainingLabs-R-It Labrador Retriever Breeding and Training Jim Hathaway and Pete

Labs-R-It Labrador Retriever Breeding and Training Testimonial from the Spalinger Family with CandyLabs-R-It Labrador Retriever Breeding and Training testimonial Spalinger Family Son
“We adopted our new lab puppy from Randy, owner of the Bitterroot Pet Palace. Our new pup went through basic training with Randy, where she learned important commands and rules. Randy has a great love, dedication and respect for all animals! Whenever we go to the Pet Palace, we are always greeted with smiles and our pup loves to visit and is always happy to see Randy and the caring staff. I strongly recommend the Bitterroot Pet Palace to everyone. You will have a most positive experience when adopting a puppy and also when boarding and grooming your pets!”  — The Spalinger Family

Labs-R-It Labrador Retriever Breeding and Training Keeper

Good morning Randy and Kimbra. This is Beth.

Just an update on our Keeper (from Little Bit and Skatch the end of this past November – 6 Months old). First and foremost she is such an unbelievable joy in our lives. She is the best thing that has happened to us in the past 10 years as we have spent all of that time in end-of-life care giving for each of my parents and now for Jerry’s parents. My children even tease us and ask if we were this happy about their births. Last October, we also helped Jerry’s Cousin Louie in his end of life struggle. Louie left Jerry his Chevy Aveo. Although we have never had any of our prior dogs inside of our vehicles, we have deemed the Aveo….”Keeper’s Car,” because we use it every day to take Keeper training and for running around town with Keeper happily in the back. We can’t even see out the rear side windows for all the nose prints. Keeper is also a purring machine, especially in the mornings. She purrs when she sees us first thing in the morning, when she is enjoying a good petting session, when she gets her face washed or gets her teeth brushed. This morning was a first….We have trained her to sit before she goes in or out, and as she was sitting on the stoop waiting for me to tell her she could come in she was actually purring. We are so thankful for Keeper, and we just love her so much.

Keeper has an awesome, sweet, friendly, loving personality, but when she is training she is all business….just exactly the way we want her to be. She is exceptionally intelligent and is extremely passionate about retrieving. She is so enthusiastic about it that she just shakes in anticipation of the signal for her to go. Keeper can retrieve three dummies thrown in different directions, in order of the first thrown to the last while sitting some distance from Jerry on the first retrieve, and she is retrieving blinds on whistle and hand signals. She is also absolutely nuts about the water. We haven’t trained her in deep water very much yet simply because there haven’t be but a few hot days here, but when we have, she jumps about 10 feet from the bank into the water at full speed on the retrieve. Keeper is crazy about all birds, and when she sees some, she is at attention and oh so wishing she could go get them. Soon, Jerry plans to live trap some pigeons, put them to sleep, plant them on the grounds where we train, and have Keeper flush them. It should be an awesome sight. We have trained with the wings of pheasant, duck, and goose, and can hardly wait to take Keeper on a live hunt. It is just such a joy to see how happy Keeper is whenever she is working, and so rewarding to realize how far she has come.

Hope all is well with you and your family. — Beth

Labs-r-it Slider Training yellow lab blue water post


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Bitterroot Valley Retriever Club Montana Bitterroot Valley Retriever Club is located in Florence, Montana in the scenic Rocky Mountains. We work with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and United Kennel Club (UKC) registered bird dogs to make them better hunters and companions. The BVRC host fun events such as licensed […]