Eye and Hip Dysplasia Guarantee

Labs-R-It guarantees the puppy’s eyes and hips until age 25 months.

The puppy’s eyes are guaranteed free and clear from congenital problems. Eye evaluation must be performed by a Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist by the 24th month of age.  If shown to be PRA positive, we require a copy of the Ophthalmologist exam and report to be sent to us.

Hips are guaranteed to be O.F.A. certifiable at 24th month of age.  The following requirements are necessary to enforce this guarantee and they are the purchasers responsibility to see that they are fulfilled.

  1. The dog must be x-rayed by 30 months of age and the film submitted to O.F.A. for evaluation.
  2. The O.F.A. shall be the sole judge regarding the hip evaluation.
  3. If the O.F.A. finds the dog to be dysplastic the following requirements must be met to qualify for a refund.
    1. We are to receive a copy of the O.F.A written report and x-rays.
    2. If the dog is found to be dysplastic, a full refund will be granted upon the return of the dog and it’s registration papers, which will be signed over to us (the original seller of the pup).
  4. In the event that the dog is PRA positive or is found to have hip dysplasia, and the owner chooses to keep the clog, a fifty percent (50%) refund of the original purchase price will be granted providing that the dog is spayed or neutered and a copy of the said procedure is sent to us Prior to the refund.  There will be a six month time limit for refunds from the time the disorder was discovered.
  5. All freight charges are to be paid by the owner for the dog that is being returned.

All shipping, travel, test and other expenses shall be the responsibility of the buyer.

Labs-R-It guarantees the health of the puppy for seven days after receipt of your puppy. All puppies will be examined by our veterinarian before shipment and will come with a health certificate from the vet. We recommend you have the puppy examined by your veterinarian as soon as possible.