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I firmly believe it all starts with getting a well bred dog from a reputable breeder. Sometimes you can get lucky with a back yard breeder, but if you want a good hunting dog that will physically hold up over the years, a hip guarantee along with an eye guarantee, is a must.

A puppy with a pedigree of hunt test and field trial parents/grandparents will give you a dog that has the desire to retrieve. Our dogs come from a long line of great pedigrees, Labrador breeding and Labrador training start with great dogs.

* Stud Dogs and Great Bird Dogs *


Labrador Retriever Training Willhe Go Round In Circles CHHR

Will He Go Round in Circles

AKC Junior Hunter
UKC Hunter Retriever
DOB: 03/24/2009

Willhe is indeed Homeboy’s son. And yes, he does go ‘round in circles” just like his daddy.

At 3 years old Willhe earned his SH title. At 5 years old Willhe earned his finished title and has qualified for the HRC Grand Hunt Test.

This black lab is carrying on Homeboy’s awesome genes to our breeding program. I am so excited to watch this guy grow up and can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.  He is 70 lbs of go, go, go.

Willhe is the proud Daddy of my little girl “Sendher”, a champion for sure.

Willhe has been used for a stud dog several times.  All of his pups that have come back to me for training have been fantastic as expected.  He has also competed in the Dock Dogs Challenge finishing 1st place and 2nd Place without any previous training for this event.  A cool 20ft without any training, he’s a gifted retriever.


Labrador Retriever Training Homeboy Profile


AKC Master Hunter Title
UKC Hunter Retriever Champion
DOB: 01/30/2004 – 12/22/2016 RIP

Homeboy came to me at 5 years old. He qualified for 3 Master Nationals, and passed one. Homeboy was 100% excitement and power. He was an amazing dog.

His titles included Qualified “All Age” AKC Field Trials, MH and HRCH. He also qualified for the UKC “Grand”.

Homeboy was truly an awesome bird dog and was fun to watch run a test. His ability to mark a fallen bird was second to none.

Homeboy was what I would call a real mans dog.  Super Charged power with total focus on getting the job done.

Before coming to me Homeboy had never hunted wild pheasants. He became an incredible brush beating, pheasant flushing machine.

* Females and Champions *


Labrador Retriever Training Hope Profile

“R” Little Hope for the Future

“R” Little Hope for the Future
AKC Senior Hunter
UKC Hunter Retriever Champion
DOB: 04/17/2008

AKC Senior Hunter Title
Hunting Retriever Title

Hope is Holley’s daughter. She is 50 lbs of greased lightning. She earned her “HRCH” title at age 4 and has her SH title.

Hope is the future of my Labrador breeding program and is carrying on Dixie’s loving personality while still competing at the top level of the Hunting Retriever Club Hunt tests. She is also qualified for the UKC, “Grand”.


Labrador Retriever Training SendHer Profile

Willhe return to SendHer

Willhe return to SendHer
HRC Started Hunting Retriever
Fast and Furious
DOB: 03/22/2013

HRC Started Hunting Retriever Title
HRC Hunting Retriever Title

This little girl is a real spark plug.  She is 45 Lbs of go go and more go.  But, if you bring her in the house she just wants to Lay down and be petted.  It’s definitely in her genes.  She is the daughter of Hope and Willhe and the grand daughter of Holley an the great grand daughter of Dixie. Sendher will earn her Seasoned title this year.

Little Bit

Labrador Retriever Training Little Bit with Pheasant

IMA Little Bit of Fun

IMA Little Bit of Fun
HRC Started Hunting Retriever
Athletic and Fast
DOB: 09/01/2010

HRC Started Hunting Retriever Title
HRC Hunting Retriever Title

Little Bit is the granddaughter of “R” Little Montana Rose aka Rosie.  She belonged to a good friend of mine for her first two years.  I was very happy when he wanted to sell her to me.  Little Bit is a very strong built female with a ton of desire to retrieve and hunt pheasants.  She has been my wife’s shadow and a real great house dog and a great mother to her pups.  Little Bit will be earning her seasoned title this year with my wife training and runner her.


Labrador Retriever Training Rosie Profile

“R” Little Montana Rose

“R” Little Montana Rose
AKC Master Hunter
UKC Hunter Retriever Champion
DOB: 12/07/2004

UKC Hunting Retriever Title
AKC Master Hunter Title

Rosie is the best yellow lab I have ever owned or trained.

Her breeding was by a dog named “TNT Yellowstone Explosion” aka “Nitro” His titles include FC and AFC. Rosie qualified 5 times for the Master Nationals.

She is currently qualified for the UKC “Grand”. Her titles include MH and HRCH.


Labrador Retriever Training Holley Profile

Dixie’s Little Four Barrel

Dixie’s Little Four Barrel
AKC Master Hunter
Ambassador of Goodwill
DOB: 05/11/2001 – 01/11/2015
Rest in Peace my Dear Holley


Holley was Dixie’s daughter. This black lab also earned her “Master Hunter Title” before she was 3 years old. She qualified for 5 AKC Master Nationals.

I have hunted pheasants with Holley all of her life and she literally has retrieved hundreds of birds for me. She was a loving, well mannered friend and went everywhere with us.

Holley was an ambassador of good will and made many appearances in public, promoting my Dog training business. She has passed Dixie’s wonderful genes onto her lab puppies and the story continues today with Hope and SendHer.


Nala Portrait

R Little Montana Pride

“R” Little Montana Pride
Pheasant Hunter
Strong Female Role
DOB: 05/01/2016

Registration Papers

Nala is a beautiful new addition to the Labs-R-It breeding program. She has wonderful bloodlines that trace back to R Little Montana Rose, “Rosie” and R Little Breath of Fresh Air, “Windy”. Nala has proven to be a wonderful house dog and baby sitter of the young pups. She is super easy going and has very natural ability for retrieving bumpers and competing in hunt tests. She will pheasant hunt this fall at Bird Dog Adventures and will be a momma in 2018.