Hunt Test Experience

Labas-r-it Labrador Retriever Dog Training Randy and Bear


RJ’s Teddy Bear
AKC Master Hunter

Bear, a black Lab, was my first experience at training a bird dog.

In 1982, my brother, Dennis, and I bought lab puppies at the same time.

He bought a well bred dog from Field Trial lines. I looked in the newspaper and found a lab puppy from a back yard breeder for $150.00. We both joined the Oregon Retriever Trial Club and started to go to every Saturday Picnic trial we could find.

Labas-r-it Labrador Retriever Dog Training Bear with DuckOur lab pups, Bear and Megan, started winning a lot of puppy ribbons and we were hooked.

As Bear got better, we started running and winning ribbons in AKC Derby tests.

When he turned 2 yrs old I started running him in the next level which was AKC Qualifying Stakes.

Bear was doing great. AKC started their “Hunt Test Program” and my brother and I jumped on board. Bear was the first dog in the state of Oregon to earn his “AKC Master Hunter Title” which is the highest level.

The time I spent with Bear I learned so much. This is how my training career was started. My friends and fellow club members started coming to me to train their gun dogs. Bear was weighing 80-90 lbs and his “back yard breeding” came back to bite me. His weight and bad hips affected his ability to keep up with the smaller faster dogs and it shortened his career.

Labas-r-it Labrador Retriever Dog Training Dixie balancing ball


“R” Little Dixie Lee Two Step
AKC Master Hunter

Dixie was my next black labrador. I picked Dixie as a lab puppy from my brothers Labrador, Megan. She was bred with an awesome Field Trial dog named “The Max Factor” She was small framed and only 55 lbs.

Dixie helped me take my training to the next level. She was a quick learner and willing to please. She would do anything I asked her to do, even balancing a baseball on her nose.Labas-r-it Labrador Retriever Dog Training Dixie with ball


Dixie passed almost every hunt test she ever ran and she was always one of the best dogs of the day.

She earned her “Master Hunter Title” before she was 3 yrs old and during her career she qualified for 4 AKC Master Nationals.

Dixie is the foundation for my breeding program. She was a fantastic bird dog and would “go on point” long before pointing labs were ever talked about.

Dixie was sweet, loving and the best house pet you could ever imagine.

Labas-r-it Labrador Retriever Dog Training AC with Ribbons

Animal Cracker and Windy

Animal Cracker
AKC Master Hunter

R” Little Breath of Fresh Air
AKC Senior Hunter

AC and Windy were litter mates from Dixie. Their father was “Ritz”.

He was one of the most successful Field Trial Dogs to come out of the state of Montana. His titles included: FC, AFC, CFC, and CAFC.

“Ritz” also won the ESPN Great Outdoor Games when they were in Montana in 2000.

Labas-r-it Labrador Retriever Dog Training Holley enjoys the river


Dixie’s Little Four Barrel
AKC Master Hunter
Holley, is Dixie’s daughter. This black lab also earned her “Master Hunter Title” before she was 3 years old. She qualified for 5 AKC Master Nationals.

I have hunted pheasants with Holley all of her life and she literally has retrieved hundreds of birds for me. Holley is more of a house dog these days, wanting everyone to rub her tummy. She is a loving, well mannered friend and goes everywhere with us.

Holley is an ambassador of good will and makes many appearances in public, promoting my Dog training business. She has passed Dixie’s wonderful genes to her lab puppies and the story continues today with Hope.

Randy and Hope Butte Montana Hunt Test


“R” Little Hope for the Future
AKC Senior Hunter
UKC Hunter Retriever Champion
Hope is Holley’s daughter. She is 50 lbs of greased lightning. She earned her “HRCH” title at age 4 and has her SH title.

Hope is the future of my Labrador breeding program and is carrying on Dixie’s loving personality while still competing at the top level of the Hunting Retriever Club Hunt tests. She is also qualified for the UKC, “Grand”.

Labas-r-it Labrador Retriever Dog Training Rosie retrieving a duck


“R” Little Montana Rose
AKC Master Hunter
UKC Hunter Retriever Champion

Rosie, is the best yellow lab I have ever owned or trained.

Her breeding was by a dog named “TNT Yellowstone Explosion” aka “Nitro” His titles include FC and AFC. Rosie qualified 5 times for the Master Nationals.

She is currently qualified for the UKC “Grand”. Her titles include MH and HRCH.

Randy and Homeboy Pep Talk

Home Boy

AKC Master Hunter
UKC Hunter Retriever Champion

Homeboy came to me at 5 years old. He has qualified for 3 Master Nationals, and has passed one. Homeboy is 100% excitement and power. He is an amazing dog.

His titles include Qualified “All Age” AKC Field Trials, MH and HRCH. He is also qualified for the UKC “Grand”.

Homeboy is truly an awesome bird dog and is fun to watch run a test. His ability to mark a fallen bird is second to none.

Randy and Willhe on Stump at HRC Hunt Test


Will He Go Round in Circles
AKC Junior Hunter
UKC Hunter Retriever
Willhe is indeed Homeboy’s son. And yes, he does go ‘round in circles” just like his daddy.

At 3 years old Wille has his SH title and is very close to his HRCH title.

This black lab is carrying on Homeboy’s awesome genes to our breeding program. I am so excited to watch this guy grow up and can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together. He is 70 lbs of go, go, go.

Randy on Beach at Master Nationals


Randy Huenergardt

Professional Dog Trainer
Over my professional training career, I have run client dogs at each level of the AKC and UKC hunt test levels. However, most of the hundreds of dogs I have trained over the years didn’t run any of these tests.

I strongly believe these hunt tests give the dog some real life practical experience where you can compare how the dog is doing compared to other dogs of the same level of training. I am an owner-oriented trainer.

If you just need a little dog training to have a better hunting partner that is fine by me. If you want to take your dog to the highest level of competition, I’m all for it.


“I want for you to enjoy your well mannered house dog
as well as your well trained hunting dog.” – Randy

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